Did your fiancé propose with an engagement ring that may just be a bit too tight or too loose for you to wear comfortable? Worry not as you can still wear that beautiful piece of jewellery by having it remodelled to better fit your dainty fingers.

Because not everyone can get ring sizes right, resizing an engagement ring is quite common. If you shop for engagement rings in Brisbane, it is likely that you can also easily find jewellers who can assess whether your ring can be resize or not, how much it will cost, and how long it will take for remodelling, among others. Most jewellers will only modify rings up to two sizes, whether or smaller or bigger.

How is resizing done?

Before you have your engagement ring resized, make sure that there really is a discrepancy in the size of your finger and the ring. A perfectly fit ring is one that you can easily slip on your finger but a little difficult to take off. If either of these qualities is absent, then it would be best to ask a jeweller for resizing services.

Increasing the ring size can be done in two ways, either through stretching or reworking. Stretching is an effective method for small ring size modifications. Reworking, on the other hand, involves cutting the ring and possibly adding more metal to the original item. The additional piece of metal is soldered onto the ring to increase its size. To make the ring smaller, jewellers remove the extra metal before soldering the piece back together.


Unfortunately, some ring designs cannot be resized. These include eternity rings that contain a continuous setting of gemstones around the band and those with intricate band designs, which designs may be ruined due to resizing. Also, it will be difficult to rings that are made from hard metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.

Remodelling an Engagement Ring

If you received a vintage engagement ring and want to give it a more personal or modern touch, you might want to consider remodelling. Some may even only want to keep the stones for sentimental value and have an entirely new metal band to reflect more of the new owner’s personality.

Aside from the costs of remodelling a fine piece of jewellery, there are a number of considerations that you have to account for. First and foremost is that you need to talk this remodelling project over with the person who gave you the ring. If it was an heirloom piece, then your fiancé will surely have a lot to say about it. There is a lot of emotional investment passed on from the generations in their family that wore the ring and you would not want to this remodelling to create conflict between you, your fiancé, and his family. If you can make your case without sounding ungrateful, then you will most likely have their support in this decision.

Talking it over will also be very helpful if your fiancé purchased the ring recently. This means that he has access to the jeweller, who in turn may help in the remodelling or even offer an exchange. This way you get in contact with the person who knows best if the item will work best remodelled or simply exchanged for an item that satisfies your requirements.

Also, an important consideration to make is that remodelling changes the value of the jewellery piece. Antique rings are precious as they are and any repair or adjustments made to these can result in a decrease in such value.

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