Hi girls and women of the world, today we want to talk to you about the postpartum, because one of us, Trini, has a 1-year-old baby and she had to pass the postpartum like lots of mums. In her case, as she told you in a vlog, she had a surgery because of the caesarean section, that has worse postpartum process but there are some help and accessories to recover better.

If you are interested in these days or months after birth, you can read more in here, so we propose you lots of nice postpartum body shapers to be more comfortable soon and maybe to see you with your shape faster, but there are lots of ideas online or in underwear shops, although nothing like these next postpartum girdle online with amazing prices.

We wish we had known before this kind of products, but when you have a baby, everybody think in presents for the baby and maybe flowers for the mother, lots of necessary things are still taboo and the long postpartum is one of them.

We saw, see and will see all the high pressure society put on women to get well after birth but more pressure to get back the shapewear after giving birth, it’s a madness and we also complained in one of our videos these little things women must support and it’s very unfair. Moreover we have hormonal changes these days and all the life changes, with new experiences, new family member, new routines and new body, yes!

It’s a pity to think before and talk about body shape instead of body health or body recovery, but we understand you and all the mums around the world, so if you want to be as always sooner, we can show you postpartum corsets for women after pregnancy and also compression garments after pregnancy, that helps your body to come back but also to stay held and still, very required with every part of the body aching.

Maybe you need to see some examples more to know all the options you have online and there are all the explanation about two types of girdle to the two types of birth:

There are various postpartum girdle which function differences in the market, which has been divided into two categories : one is normal design and the other is special professionally design. It could help you contract your abdomen, promote your uterus and birth canal recovery , prevent your viscera prolapse , get rid of lochia and reduce stasis of the legacy and so on if you would chose to buy the professional superior post pregnancy girdle. So it is very important to chose the suitable postpartum belly hand.

The new mothers abdomen would become more flabby and organs so that the organs could not be fixed, causing increasing the pressure of waist. Normally at the second day of natural childbirth, it would help you lift up your waist curve, prevent your viscera prolapse, promote the contraction of your uterus and make your body function recover if you would like to keep using postpartum girdle for half year. So those mothers who would go for natural childbirth could choose the special postpartum girdle suitable for a natural birth.

If you could use the special postpartum girdle for cesarean section in time to help fix and protect the wound after operation, the girdle would help you promote wound healing and prevent the wound from opening up and leaving a scar. Using the postpartum belt could reduce the stretching involved by the effect of gravity and ease the friction of the wound, but also relieve the pain after cesarean section effectively. Moreover, it could avoid the wound in pain and promote your body integrated recovery if the puerpera would use this girdle before getting out of bed. The special integrated design of best postpartum girdle is very suitable for those mothers by cesarean section, because postpartum belly hand helps tighten the flabby abdomen reasonably and avoid putting a strain on internal organs. Mothers will feel obviously your waist and abdomen being lifted up after wearing the postpartum belly band. It is also good for recovering muscle of waist and abdomen gradually. If the postpartum girdle is made with superior pure cotton material , you would feel very breathable and comfortable when wearing and its elasticity was good and also good for recover more quickly and slim rapidly after giving birth.

You can see in here the difference using the girdle because of the compression and fastening

We can wear also nice details as lace in this complement, so it’s an accessory you’ll wear maybe months

We hope this post is helpful to all the next mothers and new mothers, because we would like to have this idea when Nico was born, so this is our contribution.

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