Why Your Engagement Ring Is Priceless

When you say, “yes”, and he puts that ring on your finger, that is where it should always stay. Your engagement ring is a symbol that bonds your love, with a promise that you will someday marry, and even after you say, “I do”, your engagement ring will continue to hold that bonded, lifelong commitment, forever. Therefore, it is priceless.

What Kind Of Engagement Ring Should You Choose

One thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is that this is among the rings your wife will wear, throughout your life together. Therefore, you might want to consider a customized ring just for her, something that the bride-to-be will be happy to always wear. Diamond Brokers Queensland offer beautiful diamond engagement rings in Brisbane so make sure to check out their collection.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

When purchasing something as precious and valuable as an engagement ring, it is important to make sure that it’s always protected by insuring it. Insurance is something we rarely think of when purchasing precious things like jewellery. Of course, no one expects to lose their engagement ring, it is something we expect to have, well… forever, but anything is possible even losing or damaging your ring.

What if you are out shopping one day and go home to find a diamond is missing from your ring, or even worst, your ring is missing? What if your ring were to fall down the drain, or down the garbage disposal? Or, you take it off somewhere and forget where you left it, or remember where you left it, but it’s not there? What if you leave your ring in your house or car and it was robbed? Either you can lose it forever, or you can call whoever you had it insured with, and simply get it replaced.

You have a few options to insure your engagement ring: you can either add it to your homeowners or renters’ insurance, or you can get it insured through a jewellery insurance provider. Either way, you should always have your receipt ready because some insurers require it to get an appraisal. There are some things you will need to know before insuring your ring so always check the following:

  • What kind of damages or losses are covered? Be specific: Is your ring covered if it falls down the drain, if it is lost, stolen, broken, just missing a diamond, or other instances?
  • How much will be covered and what will it cost you? Most jewellery insurers will charge $1 to $2 per $100 of the replacement value, meaning it will cost around $80 per year for a ring that is worth around $4000. Also, find out if there’s a deductible and its amount.
  • What will you need to show as proof to what happened to your engagement ring?
  • How does the process work? Will your ring be replaced or will you receive cash to replace it yourself? And, how long will it take?

Although you may be a very careful and responsible person, there are times when things happen beyond your control, even though you think nothing will ever happen to your ring, it is always better to be safe than sorry and insure it, then if anything were to ever happen to it, you can always get it replaced, so you never have to worry and will always feel confident it’s safe. Remember that once your engagement ring is placed on your finger, it should stay there for as long as you and your spouse are together.

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